Friday, September 23, 2011

watching the horizon

Watching the horizon today.

You see that faraway line where the water meets the sky? Just this side of that is the shipping channel where all the cruise ships pass by here.

But no cruise ships today, the town is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Navy's newest warship, USS Spruance today at 2 p.m. The ship will be here for a week and then be commissioned on October 1st at the port at sunset.

The 510-foot, 9,200-ton USS Spruance will sail into Key West Friday afternoon, touching off a week of pomp and pageantry to herald the ship's Oct. 1 commissioning. The ship is the first naval vessel to be formally commissioned in the island city that has hosted countless military vessels, aircraft and personnel throughout its storied history.

With flags proudly flying and its crew lined up along the rails, the Spruance will navigate Key West's main ship channel about 2 p.m.
~full story HERE at keysnews

Will try to get some pictures today when it goes by, and then tomorrow we will be heading down to the port for a closer view.

In the meantime, while waiting on the ship to come in, there is always something going on out the window!

hey a beach tractor, love it!

balancing act

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