Thursday, September 22, 2011

save the chickens

Gypsy chickens of Key West

Chickens roam all over the island. Roosters strut their stuff and crow at all hours. Hens and chicks cross the road stopping traffic.

Descended from proud fighting chickens brought over from Cuba and local domestic chickens left behind by homeowners, these colorful residents are the unofficial mascot of this tropical city.

Images of chickens show up on paintings, t-shirts, and other souvenirs, they are part of the culture.

They are very colorful and the tourists love 'em, not so sure about the locals. I did see a local restaurant featuring 'free range' chicken on the menu.

But as always there is controversy. Some want to rid the city of the fowl while others want to save them.

When the birds get especially bothersome, they might be gathered up and taken up to a retirement home on the mainland, The Chicken Store, home of the Rooster Rescue Team, they even have t-shirts.

Save the Chickens! This one is for you, Kay.


Sandra Henderson said...

I miss my chickens soooo much! We are thinking of moving up your way in the future! Betwwen where you are and western NC! I wanted to come catch up and say hey... Miss ya. Xo

janeywan said...

I miss my chickens too, for so many reasons.
That rooster is a beauty!