Friday, June 17, 2011

collecting books

library e-book and audio book web page

Do you have an e-reader? How do you get your books? There are a lot of free books out there.

I have found that a lot of the freebies are new authors or independent publishers, and I have discovered many good books this way. But what if you are hooked on a popular author or series? Good luck finding those for free!

Still the best value is the library. The good thing about the library is that they offer the latest books, best sellers, popular authors - for free!

The library is doing a great job of keeping up with technology, offering e-books and audio books for free download on the library web page.

Just sit at your computer (or other device?) and browse books, download and read them for free. They will automatically return themselves after the specified time period (7 or 14 days), no late fees. Or you can return them early. Five books can be checked out at any one time. If a book is not available for check out, it can be placed on hold and an e-mail will be sent to you when it is ready to check out.

Just go to your local library where you can sign up for a free library card with proof of local residence. Our local small town library offers e-books, with over 100 currently on line.

Here in Georgia there is a statewide library system that you can join for free with proof of state residence. Georgia Public Library Service/Pines Library offers free e-book downloads at Georgia Downloads, they add books often, right now they have over 1100 e-books.

If you are out of town (like we are), check out the local library in your temporary home, most offer library cards to non-residents for a small fee. The library where we have been staying for a few months has over 1700 e-books!

It is now one of my hobbies, perusing all the free book sites like Pixel of Ink, library web pages, Amazon, and blogs dedicated to free books, I have quite a collection of books now in my digital library, one of the perks in this type of book collection is NO DUST! I am not sure when I will get around to reading them all, but they are there when I need them!

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