Monday, May 16, 2011


The Varsity is finally open in Dawsonville!!

We tried to go on Friday night around 8:30 but it was packed, cars parked in the grass behind the store, cars parked in adjacent lots, we did a drive by and the inside was wall-to-wall people.

But yesterday on Sunday afternoon it was a little bit better. We found a parking place and joined the throngs of folks bellied up to the counter.

Over the din of voices one stood out, an obvious veteran from the Atlanta store could be heard over everyone else with his "What'll Ya Have! What'll Ya Have! What'll Ya Have!"... so we immediately got in his line.

Buddy, "I'm glad they brought the A-team up from the downtown store!". The server's face lit up and said, "Yessir, and when will you be coming back down to see us in Atlanta?"

There were no tables available but thankfully it was not raining, so we ate at one of the outside tables. Dogs and rings and fries and pies and cokes and frosty orange, yum!

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Carrie said...

YUM is right! Now I want some! :D