Tuesday, May 31, 2011

life of a quilt

Grandma's stuff
watercolor by Eluster Richardson
Life of a Quilt exhibition
Gadsden Arts Center, Quincy, Florida
April 15, 2011 - July 9, 2011

The life of a quilt - what kind of life are your quilts having?

Do you keep your quilts closed up in a closet? After all that work do you want to protect them? Quilts need to be used, loved, dragged around, covering up in sickness and health, laid on by cats and dogs, taken on picnics or to the beach or on long road trips.

Quilts age like fine wine, the signs of a well-loved quilt are the frayed edges, faded colors, soft, worn, and even a few stains. Quilts are tough and washable. Don't baby them, love them. They are the original recycling project - turning empty flour and feed sacks and old clothes into warm bedcovers. Quilts make great tents thrown across the dining table, and super capes for little super heroes.

Do you have a favorite quilt? Where is it? Go get it out of the closet and let it breathe, take it outside for some sun, take it to the park, spread it on the grass, don't sweat the possible stains, they only add character and memories.

The life of a quilt - what kind of life are your quilts having?

Eluster Richardson, artist

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janeywan said...

I hear you Susan but no can do, but then again, maybe I will!