Thursday, April 21, 2011


I recently bought my first single song over the internet, downloaded an MP3 file, it was 99c.

This brought back memories of growing up, sometimes I would go to town on Saturday morning with a friend so her parents could get groceries at the A&P. Her mom would give her a dollar to spend and we would make a beeline across to the jewelry store where they had records for sale on the back wall. For $1 you could buy a single 45 of your favorite song and get another song for free on the flip side.

Nowadays with the mp3 player you can do all sorts of neat stuff with your music, but we did some of that back in the day also...

Auto play - load a stack of 45s on the record player and listen to all your favs.
Shuffle - take the records off the player and mix them up, put back on.
Repeat - put that one 45 on the player and let it play over and over, a good way to learn the lyrics of a new song.

Some things have changed and some not, it is nice to know that the price of a single record/song has not changed in all these years!

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