Thursday, February 3, 2011

big heart

I am knitting little things in pink…

No, not that. Or her either, no new babies or grandbabies on the way. No, not that either - no greatgrandbabies!

Carrie looked at me (with that one eyebrow arched) and said, "Seriously, mom, now you are making teddy bear clothes?"

Carrie is my monitor of all things grandma. While shopping she steers me away from grandma purses and clothes. She critiques my decorating style - OK, Mom too much grandma stuff in here, let's lose some of the quilts and bears. I ask her advice on what the teenagers like. I trust Carrie to always tell it like it is!

But back to knitting.

I just read how Julia Roberts knits while making a movie - between scenes she is knitting away. On the set of her new movie with Tom Hanks, he played a prank on her:

Julia would knit on the set–scarves, hats. One morning, Tom thought it would be hilarious if everyone was doing it. So she walked on set and saw 50 people knitting.

Ok, back to why I am knitting.

In December my granddaughters lost a special friend and I thought maybe they would like something to remember her by - so I came up with an idea of a breast cancer teddy bear - lord knows we have enough teddy bears around here to share.

So, I converted some of the bears around my house - made them breast-cancer-pink sweaters and a BIG heart (just like Robin's). My embroidery is a little rusty, but you get the idea.

I don't know if the girls really want one or not, maybe they are just humoring their old granma, but it keeps me busy. You know what they say about idle hands… no, I don't remember either, but I think it is bad.

Hey, me and Julia Roberts have something in common, us Georgia girls have to stick together!


Linda_J said...

Idle hands are the devil's workshop---and that IS bad!

What a very sweet idea you have there, Susan! I love to knit but hate to sew the stuff together so never have much to show for the effort.

Carrie said...

(with an arched eyebrow) You'd better believe I tell it like it is... ;P I'm sure I get this from YOUR MOM! :)

Love the teddy bears MOM, you are so crafty and creative. And I, like you, have to always be doing something. I can't stand idle time (unless it's on a beach!). I was just told "yesterday night" that I'm always busy doing something. ... I took it as a compliment :)

I'm glad I have a mom that knows how to do all these things and can pass the knowledge down to family.

paula, the quilter said...

Cute little sweaters. Believe it or not, I am not a fan of sewing sweater parts together no matter what size it is. So I usually knit the sweater in the round up to the armpits and leave live stitches on that needle. Cast on for a sleeve on another needle and knit to the armpit. Cast on for the second sleeve on yet a third needle and knit to the armpit. Combining all the piece is easy and then it is knit knit knit. The ONLY way I will knit a pullover sweater.

janeywan said...

They are the cutest! You'll be all practiced up when you are a granny! :)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I love the teddy bear wearing the pink sweater! By the way, I thought about you today when I passed the corner where we met at the Mudpie (in August 2007). I was surprised to see that it has gone out of business, and now there's a pizza place in "our" location.