Friday, January 28, 2011

cover up

My Kindle needs a new cover.

It came with a nice leather one and I say if it ain't broke don't fix it, but it is broke.

My Kindle started having hiccups, rebooting etc., so I searched the forums and found that it might be the cover, the metal prongs that hold the cover on go into the side of the unit...

I was already thinking it needed a quilted cover, something soft and more ME!

And just yesterday my friend Pam (who also has a Kindle) sent me this picture, saying she was thinking of making a cover for her Kindle...

An online search turns up MANY ideas and tutorials for home-made kindle covers. There are sleeves and pouches and purses and ones that look like real books, ones made out of denim and patchwork and crocheted ones, ones with pockets and zippers, ones made just like a book cover... here are a few.

Wow, so many ideas! Now to just figure out how to do it and what I want it to look like. Maybe I will just wait on Pam to design her cover, she is so creative!

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