Thursday, December 23, 2010

we've got mail

Our youngest granddaughter, Madison (age 13!) has taken over her family's Christmas letter writing. Yes, she takes after her grandpa! Here is Madison's take on the ABCs of writing a Christmas letter:

Howdy Y’all,

It’s that time again, time for Christmas and for the annual Christmas letter. I, Madison, am writing the letter again this year. I’ve been putting it off for quite a while now and am finally getting to it. This year’s letter is going to be a little different, because we’re trying a new way to write the letter. Here we go:

A is for the air show. Keith, Melissa, Sarah, Matt (Sarah's boyfriend), Kyle, Racheal, and I went to the air show and saw the Blue Angels.

B is for the Bulldogs. Melissa betrayed her love for GA Tech and went to a GA Bulldog game with Keith over Labor Day Weekend. Speaking of Labor Day, we had a cookout and invited all the neighbors.

C is for Cross Country and cows. Sarah and I enjoyed another wonderful season of Cross Country. We are both planning on participating again next year. Melissa, Kyle, and I dressed up as cows again this year for Chick-fil-A.

D is for driving. Kyle got his license not too long ago and is driving up here for Christmas, by himself. Sarah doesn’t have hers yet, but she’s getting there.

E is for each of you, whom we are thankful for.

F is for Father’s Day. This Father’s Day Keith, Melissa, Kyle, and I went and enjoyed a Braves game with Susan, Buddy, Carrie, and her boyfriend Daniel.

G is for garden and goats. We all planted a garden this year. We planted tomatoes and watermelons. The tomatoes were great and delicious, but the watermelons weren’t such a turn out. While our neighbors were away for a week, Melissa and I had the pleasure of milking a goat, which was very, very weird.

H is for high school. Next year every one of us kids will be a high schooler. Sarah will be a Senior, Kyle will be a Junior, and Racheal and I will both be Freshmen.

I is for IAPFTKF (I Am Praying For The Kelly Family).

J is for the journeys that we take as teens.

K is for Keith and Kyle. Keith started a diet back in February and is doing great. He lost over 70 pounds. Kyle has gone through many girlfriends, like last year. As I said before he’s driving, let’s hope he didn’t inherit any driving skills from Melissa or Andy. He’s driving to Ellijay by himself in next week, so pray for him to be safe.

L is for losses. Although it’s not happy, we’ve had at least one loss this year. Robin Kelly, our beloved neighbor, passed away after fighting breast cancer for seven years.

M is for Madison and Melissa. I donated 8 inches of hair over the summer and I got braces. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th in August, so for my birthday we had a Friday the 13th theme. I got braces a few days before school started and I still dislike them, but they make my teeth straight. I tried track this year and loved it, I participated in the hurdles and 1 mile run. I’m planning on doing it again, but next year I want to try the triple jump. Melissa also started a diet this year and has lot a total of 40 pounds.

N is for nurturing. I am now teaching the 1-5 year old at our Church’s AWANA.

O is for outdoors and all the animals we’ve seen in our "yard". We've seen bears, deer, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons.

P is for pets. We’ve had a few additions to the family this year. Early this year we got a tuxedo cat and named him Nicholas. In the summer, we took in a neighbor’s dog, Sophie.

Q is for quite exciting. This is for the life of four teenagers.

R is for Racheal. At the beginning of this year Racheal got inducted to Jr. Beta and she’s in chorus and honors chorus now. She is still in band playing the clarinet. Racheal got baptized not too long ago. Racheal joined the pep band during football season and is enjoying it so far. In the spring, Racheal played Park and Rec Softball.

S is for Sarah, snow, and spring break. In February, Sarah played the nerd in a high school play and she made a cake entirely out of twinkies and made it look like a castle. Sarah turned 16 this year and she got her braces off!! She also went to Prom and Homecoming with her boyfriend, Matt. We had lots of snow in February; we went four-wheeler sledding, which was a lot of fun! During spring break we went to Medieval Times, a Braves game, Stone Mountain, and bowling.

T is for teenagers. We are all teenagers this year, with Sarah at 16, Kyle at 16, Racheal at 14, and Madison at 13.

U is for urge. As the parentals urge the high schoolers to work on their SATs and college applications.

V is for vacation. This summer, Melissa and Keith went rafting down the Chatooga. Keith, Melissa, Kyle and I went camping on Jekyll Island.

W is for the waterfall. During the summer Melissa, Keith, Kyle, and I had the pleasure of sliding down the waterfall with Melissa’s side of the family. It was great! We had tons of fun!

X is for all the hugs we received and given. (XOXO)

Y is for yuletide carols being sung by a fire. As we are home from school because of the snow we are getting.

Z is for Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and all the other weird songs my mom has on her iPod.

This was our experimental letter, I hope you like it. You can look us up on Facebook :)

Keith and Melissa Scott
Sarah, Kyle, Racheal, and Madison


Christy Waren said...

Great Job Madison! I enjoy your family letters and wish I had the writing gene.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great Christmas letter --and very creative....

Merry Christmas, Susan, to you and your family.