Wednesday, December 22, 2010

homespun decor

Our tree has a hodgepodge of ornaments collected over the years, definitely not a Martha Stewart design, but one that works for us, many evoke memories and stories, all bring a smile.

Raggedy Ann - not home-made, but found while Christmas shopping, represents the meaning of handmade toys of long ago.

Stockings come in all sizes, this crocheted mini-stocking is quick and easy to make, good for ornaments or to trim packages.

Bell, created by Mamaw Austin on one of her fancy sewing machines many years ago.

Snowflake - Melissa played elf in the wood shop a few years back, making ornaments for everyone - the sawdust in her veins is showing through.

Patchwork ball, another creation by Melissa (one of those years when the budget dictated home-made presents, we have all been there, and those are often the most cherished).

Mailbox - needlepoint by Papaw Austin - maybe bored with retirement? but we love these keepsakes.

Santa, another creation of Papaw Austin.

Candy cane craft by our girls when in scouts.

Teddy bear, one of my favorite things!

Sewn and stuffed personal ornaments by Mamaw Tidwell, more smiles as we remember her sewing room and huge stash of fabric!

Snowflake - crocheted by a local crafter, love the delicate work, a welcome addition to our tree.

Cross-stitch by Carrie! Everyone got one of these one year, a lot of work, thanks!

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Susan said...

I'm a big fan of home made decorations. I used to decorate my tree with them all the time but now only with poinsettias. I still make many for the kids in our family and for friends. I find the love that goes into making them are a gift in itself. I love the crochet snowflake on your tree!! I can't crochet for beans!