Monday, July 12, 2010

Operation: Birthday

I was surprised when I pulled the game Operation out of the giant gift bag. My eyebrows went up as I looked across the table at Melissa. She said, No that is not your present, but it kind of represents your gift, it is a clue...

I am getting an operation?

A flash of anxiety of going under the knife - but wait I don't need anything removed... then the idea {big light bulb moment} - that female elective/enhancing surgery - could it be?

You're getting me a boob job for my birthday?

The roar went up - a loud WooHoo! from my right (dear) and around the table at Pizza Hut - way to go granma - and the red glow from Kyle as we once again embarrass him.

Melissa: No, mom, I am not getting you a boob job for your birthday - just open the box and look under the game board.

Ok, much better, a hand-made gift certificate (the best kind) to go and see Bodies: The Exhibition. I had wanted to see this for a while, but haven't gotten around to it (or more likely wouldn't pay the $25 to get in). Melissa always comes through with creative fun gift ideas, thanks!

We went yesterday, stopping on the way down to eat at Red Lobster (thanks, Carrie!). The exhibit was awesome! In addition to the visual presentation of all the intricate parts and pieces, there was a LOT of written information to absorb. No cameras were allowed, which at first I thought was a bummer, but now I know it would have been a hassle if others were trying to take pictures, staying out of their way etc., as the space was not all that big.

The anatomy class went on and on, layer after layer, from the bare bones to muscles and tendons and nerves, internal organs, heart, brain, all laid out to inspect. Everything was labeled and I recognized all those words I type every day in my work (I took anatomy class, but book-learning is nothing compared to this visual life-size presentation.)

Speaking of work - I wonder if I could write this off as an anatomy class? Where did I put that receipt?


June said...

What a fun way to give a present and what a nice present to give!

Eddie said...

Susan, I been wanting to go to that exhibit. Both sons went to it and were facinated. And, yesterday, seeing it was your birthday I made a mental note to wish you a Happy Birthdahy, then somebody changed the subject.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat way to present you a gift for your birthday, Susan... SO --you got to see all about the human body???? Interesting....

Neat birthday, indeed---plus a trip to Red Lobster.... Congrats---and I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday...

(Think I'd choose the boob job though... ha ha )

Sandra Henderson said...

When I first heard about this, I was kinda full of mixed emotions about it all. Now, I'm intrigued. lol Glad you got to go. I think it's great for folks in your field and all. The body is a great machine and work of art. My husband has been living w/both is carotid arteries 100% closed since 2005... yeah. a miracle. circle of willis & vetebral blood flow. pretty cool, huh?

Funny, you want a boob job and I want a reduction! lol I'd be happy if somebody would just take mine!lol interesting how life works...
goreous flowers, great haircut and gift! :)

I use to be SO good at operation!~one of my favorite games ever! :)