Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obsolete 13

Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher's mound. Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin the three together. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again. ~Jimmy Piersal, on how to diaper a baby, 1968

Here are just a few things that I have used in my lifetime that are now obsolete - I know, cloth diapers are still around, but definitely obsolete at my house!

  1. Cloth diapers - 48 pure cotton hanging on the line softened by the breeze bleached by the sun
  2. Typewriters - pica or elite pick your type, hunt and peck, wait for the ding!
  3. Vinyl records - classics scratches hisses, grooves worn down on the good parts
  4. Film - mail order developing, no light allowed, expiration date
  5. Party lines - listen for your ring - one long or two short - but don't listen in
  6. Rotary phones - round and round, don't slip and mess up, curlicue cord all tangled up
  7. Pong - hypnotizing back and forth cause of couch taters
  8. Busy signal - what is that funny beep beep - prelude to voice mail
  9. Carbon paper - blue fingers smudges blurry copies, origin of cc:
  10. Rabbit ears - TV looks like My Favorite Martian - adjust a little to left or right, hold your mouth right, stand on one leg
  11. Card catalog - paper trail of books all lined up in little drawers stacked in rows
  12. Church key - original pop a top, no litter left behind
  13. Mimeograph smell - the only good part of test day

obsolete {Websters: no longer in use or no longer useful} = been there done that

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June said...

Guess I'm old...I remember them all :-)

Adelle Laudan said...

I remember it all too. Fun list. Happy T13!

colleen said...

I'm nostalgic for the first 3. The lower ones, not so much. Thanks for the memories. Wonder what this list will look like in another 30 years.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Makes me feel so old --since I remember all of those except PONG... Not sure about that one...

What amazes me is how fast technology is moving... Remember before cordless phones; before the slim, little tiny cellphones, Old 8-track tapes, those big floppy discs, cassette tapes, even VCR's (which we still have).... ha

Great post...

I am Harriet said...

Brings back some memories. It would take for ever for me to call my parents long distance on a rotary phone back in the day of MCI.

Enjoy your Thursday!

jehara said...

I remember when CD's were new, phasing out cassette tapes. I remember when it was a big deal to have a car phone. I remember cordless phones and giant cell phones. I remember learing about the information superhighway in school on channel one.

jillconyers said...

I remember all of them too and I would add the handles used to roll down car windows.

Izzybella said...

Aw, I kind of miss typewriters. My mom was always typing on IBM selectric all the time it seemed like. It's a strangely comforting sound.

Nice list.

Amanda Moore said...

Susan what an awesome Idea for your 13 (I may have to steal it)from the cloth diapers and vinyl to the Pong I was around for and used all those things as well!
Enjoy your high tech new fangled updated version on T13!

Motherkitty said...

I remember WWII, folks lined up around the corner at my parents' grocery store to buy stuff with their coupon books (listening to folks accusing neighbors of hoarding food in their basements, like coffee and sugar), Lucky Strikes 14 cents/pack, I remember FDR dying, tin foil, blueing, powdered starch for clothes, I remember putting out the card in the living room window telling the ice man how big a chunk we wanted for our ice box, I remember my grandpa making his own pickles in a crock upon the back porch.

We were watching Tron the other day and realized that this movie was made before we even owned a computer -- Commodore 64.

I'm attending my 50th class reunion next month. Now that makes we feel old.

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great list! I learned to type on a typewriter in junior high AND I listened to vinyl records most of my childhood. I also loved Pong!! :)


sobeit said...

My students are amazed when I bring my rotary phone, vinyl records and old tv with rabbit ears---even my ATARI. I miss my old typewriter! I also miss clothes hanging outside on the line! Love the list!