Tuesday, March 16, 2010

water water everywhere

Welcome to Enota Mountain RetreatWater, water everywhere at our getaway to Enota Mountain Retreat near Hiawassee, Georgia last weekend. In addition to the deluge of rain falling, the 5 mountain streams and several waterfalls made for wet weekend activities - listening to the rain on the roof, watching it rain, hiking in the rain, watching the streams rush by.

first impressionfirst impression ... are we gonna get stuck?

the lodgecheck in at the lodge built by CCC in 1930s

the lone camperperk of wintertime camping, the whole place to ourselves

waterfall exploring - one of the many waterfalls

CCC dam and pondpond with dam built by CCC

walk on waterbridge? on trail to big waterfall...

waterfallssecond waterfall

more waterfallsthird waterfall

creekside campinggreat creekside tent campsites

water everywherefive mountain streams, water everywhere!

hiking in the raina first - umbrella hiking, works pretty good!

Like most land here in the north Georgia mountains, this land was originally occupied by the Cherokee. Over the years it was a farm and mill site.

In the 1930s the CCC set up camp here while building the lookout tower on nearby Brasstown Bald. Some of their handiwork is still here, the lodge and big stone fireplace, the stone dam at the pond.

The YMCA used the property for nearly 50 years as a camp, and the present owners have been here since 1998.

Enota Mountain Retreat located on highway 180 between Brasstown Bald and Hiawassee.

Five mountain streams tumble down from the surrounding mountains into the valley of the campground, making almost every campsite a stream site. Two large waterfalls are within a short walking distance. The sound of water is everywhere.

The setting is beautiful, lots of water and trails, rhodendron, hemlocks. We enjoyed the peace and quiet and of course the sound of the water.

It rained the whole time we were there, but what's a little more water? A nice little get away not far from home.

Enota website and article.


Melissa Scott said...

Can't wait to check out the campground!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'd love being at a campground like this one and having it all to myself. It's my cup of tea even with an umbrella.
I'm glad Georgia has plenty of water now.

Lainee said...

We'll have to check this campground out after we pick up our camper up north. Heading back up in May to bring it home.