Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Turn your blog into a book!

Just go to Blurb, download the free software, type in the address of your blog and it imports the entire blog into book form, pictures, text, even comments if you wish. View your virtual book on your computer and make any changes, when it looks like you want it to, just click and send it to Blurb, they will do the rest.

I loved this idea and wanted to try it out on a small project, so I went to my other blog, the one with only 45 posts, to see what it looked like in book form.

And voila! memories in a jar - the book - arrived in the mail.

I am very pleased with the quality and price and especially customer service. There was one picture that was messed up, I contacted them via e-mail and received another book right away.

The whole process was lots of fun and I plan to make more books!

Blurb will make any kind of book you want - some of the categories - art, photography, travel, wedding, recipes, blogs, and many more.

Check out my book here, and browse the the bookstore here, see all the other books made by folks like me, preview books, buy books, or make your own!

I started this project in January, but since memories in a jar was inspired by a gift from Carrie, and since her birthday was coming up in March, I decided it would be a good birthday present, if I could just keep it a secret that long!

And if you are wondering about that great picture on the cover - sunrise in our beautiful Appalachian mountains - it was taken by Carrie on one of her many adventures.


janeywan said...

Several years ago I thought it would be cool if people could make their blog into a book. Here it is. Pretty cool.

With a large blog guess it would be best to do it by year possibly. Didn't check out prices but imagine expensive.

colleen said...

Amazing! How much did it cost to do, or do you just pay by what you order. I love the idea but my blog is so big and varied and I have like 25 categories that could make book in of themselves. But I could do a best of if there is a way to pick and choose a couple of posts from each month. Been blogging nearly 6 years now.

I just moved and lost my blog link list so I have been slowly rebuilding it.

paula, the quilter said...

I've done two books so far -- year by year. I need to get back to it.

June said...

I keep meaning to make a book, but so far haven't. Glad to have a first hand testimonial about Blurb.

Kerri said...

I love this idea! Your "Memories in a Jar" blog (which I want to catch up on) is the perfect subject for a book. What a wonderful gift. It turned out beautifully!!!
Thanks for sharing this. You're such a pioneer :)

KF4AWU said...

Looks to be a good program too bad they don't support my operating system.

Rick said...

Love the pics as always. The mountain pic is one I love as well...One of my favorite places!!