Thursday, November 5, 2009


moon over our mountain 3 nov 2009

this picture made me think of "moonshadow",
which made me think of Cat Stevens,
which made me think of hearing his voice
on a commercial the other day where he sings
"if you want to sing out, sing out"

it is good to hear his voice again,
to be reminded of the good old days,
of the songs we used to listen to
like "peace train" and "morning has broken"...

I'm being followed by a moon shadow
moon shadow-moon shadow
leaping and hopping on a moon shadow
moon shadow-moon shadow

listen to him on the commercial here

1 comment:

Jellyhead said...

Hi Susan,

Long time no 'see'!

I am not blogging much these days, but I do like to try to come by and read what everyone's been up to. I liked finding out about those amazing white tents, and this photo is beautiful. But best of all is your 'sugar cookie' poem (I commented there as well - couldn't help myself!)

I hope you are well on track for a happy, relaxed Christmas. (I'm off to do a small Christmas present shop today!). Have a lovely weekend :-)