Saturday, October 3, 2009

in search of sand ...

in search of sand...

sand therapy between our toes

sand warm 'neath the beach blanket

sand covered sea shells

sand underfoot on long beach walks

sand like sifted sugar white and soft

sand soupy for dreamy drizzle castles

off on vacation in search of...

rest and relaxation

peace and quiet

sea and sun

but mostly


This time of year when everyone else is heading to the mountains, we are off on vacation to St. Joseph Peninsula, Florida - 9-1/2 miles of empty sugar white beaches, 1750 acres of wilderness, no internet, no cell phone coverage... we will be 'out of touch' with everything but nature!


Jellyhead said...

Have a relaxing and happy time Susan!

And many thanks for all your comments on my blog, even when I don't post for ages - it means a lot to me to hear from you.


colleen said...

Ahhh. We have a different kind of gold.