Friday, September 18, 2009

slow motion

Country Road

I'll take the slow road,
finding surprises around each bend,
like an old barn
or a row of mailboxes
wildflowers and white picket fences
rebel flags defiantly blowing
in the Southern breeze

I'll take the slow road,
with the yellow road signs
that foretell the future like
Narrow Bridge Ahead
Railroad Crossing

or just a curvy arrow

I'll take the slow road,
by pastures of grazing horses
bales of fresh mown hay
rows of corn intertwined
with green runner beans and
bowed heads of sunflowers

I'll take the slow road,
with stop signs along the way
that suggest I should
stop to see the view
stop to smell the flowers
or even pick a bouquet,
stop and stick my toes in the creek
that runs under the narrow bridge ahead

The interstate highways are
straight, smooth, fast, convenient,
all the things you might look for in a road,
if you like fast lanes
and lots of traffic,
and watching billboards pass by
is your idea of scenery

Not me,
I'll take the slow road every time.

~Susan Tidwell 2007

"Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything." ~Charles Kuralt

~webshots photo


June said...

I couldn't agree more and try to whenever I can! Very nice poem, btw...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Even on a motorcycle, I prefer to take the slow road. You can see so much beauty and take life at a slower pace, stopping to wade in a creek and or smell the locust trees in bloom. I'll take the slow road any day.

Very nice poem Susan.

Michael Manning said...

Very nice!

Alice said...

Whilst in England many years ago we almost invariably travelled the A-roads in preference to the Motorways. That way we could visit the villages instead of bypassing them. It may have been slightly slower, but much more interesting and enjoyable.

If time is no object - the slow road every time.

Lovely poem, Susan.

Kerri said...

I love your poetry, and I love your blog! Yes, we'll take the slow road whenever possible!
Had a great time catching up with you this morning.
Sounds like you've had a great summer.
Would love to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. Your photos are wonderful, as usual. Beautiful scenery!
That little cabin looked so interesting.
You've been listening to lots of good music too. And reading good books.
We chuckled about the grandma pic :)
I'm kind of glad I'm not driving on the same roads as Sarah. LOL.
Didn't summer go quickly?
Are you still getting rain down there? I guess the drought must be broken.