Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a single thread

I love quilting, the endless patterns and combinations that can be achieved by the arrangement and rearrangement of something as simple as a straight line. The order and precision of quilting appeals to that part of me that wants a refuge from life's chaos, while the unbounded possibilities of color, fabric, and finishing speak to the part of me that wants to live life surprised.

To me, the most wonderful thing about quilting is that if a whole stadium full of people were to make a quilt in the exact same pattern, no two of those quilts would be alike. When it comes to quilting, everyone is an artist. Whether she intends to or not, the quilter cannot help but reveal something true.
~ Marie Bostwick

When I read the above paragraphs I just had to write them down, so true!

A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick is a good light read, has all the ingredients of a good story, is funny, sad, has family, friends, and of course quilts!


paula, the quilter said...

I have read this one and the second in the series (don't know how many books in the series) is on my bookshelf in the "to read" area.

Carrie said...

a single thread can repair a button, a single thread can create a warm blanket, a single thread can turn a blank canvas into a beautiful picture, a single thread can turn a moment into a memory...