Sunday, April 26, 2009

floor covering

from a distance

Bird's eye view of new living room focal point, 144 bow ties all lined up...

They have been there a couple of days already, getting used to the randomness still. Everytime I walk by I want to put the pinks in a row or the yellows all together... but have resisted so far. Must get them sewn together soon!

Maybe I will put just one going the other way just for fun!



Gypsy Quilter said...

It really looks terrific. I usually have 3 odd blocks in mine that way the eye is not disappointed when it only finds 1. Always makes a piece more interesting.

Joann said...

Persian rugs are (according to legend) made with single-minded perfection. However, since none but God can be perfect, every rug has an intentional imprefection made into it.

Your contrarian bow tie, made me think of that legend.