Sunday, March 29, 2009

neighborhood watch

hit and runWhat's wrong with this picture? Our mailboxes were the victims of a hit and run!

all to piecesThe black locust pole and sentimental wagon wheel survived the crash, the black boxes could be replaced.

All up and down the road today neighbors were out fixing mail boxes, neighbors were out helping each other, all of us being brought together by this shared crime.

The police were helpful after finally finding our place - they were looking for our address number... oh, it is on the box that is upside down, no wonder...

good as new

See those tire tracks? APB out on a maroon color small size truck with a banged up front bumper, so keep your eyes out!


Joann said...

When I lived out in the COUNTRY for about 20 years, we had problems with mailbox baseball. After about two years of mailbox replacements we finally put up a steel, you read that right, STEEL mailbox post. I figure the first time they came up on that someone got a face full of bat.

A year or so before we moved, some guy in a work truck hit the mailbox and creamed it. Totaled the mailbox. The boss came out to see what the H*LL kind of mailbox cost so much!! When he saw all the steel parts he was pretty amazed that his truck wasn't hurt more!

The "joys" of country living. Boredome and testesterone are never a good mix. And as we say at school, "It's spring and the sap is rising."

colleen said...

My neighbors had their's smashed more than once. The finally put up one that was lined with cement. Somebody might have broke their arm trying to smash it with. It's still intact.

Kerri said...

I'm thinking of descriptive words for whoever did this, but I can't use them here.
They need something constructive to do with their time.