Wednesday, February 18, 2009

looking up

Things are looking up over at the bank job,
steel columns are vertical.

Roof trusses are laid out in precision domino style,
ready to be stood up and secured.

A whole new look for the previous flat-roofed building.

After weeks of selective demolition it is finally time for the Great Reconstruction.

Monday morning brought lots of traffic, tractor-trailer loads of roof trusses, lumber, and steel. Crews of carpenters and iron workers and electricians descended on the job site with their equipment and trucks. After the initial jockeying for position in the cramped space, they all found their niche and started on their specialties.

Buddy has been busy helping the subcontractors interpret the vague blueprints, making sure they don't run out of materials, and most importantly - directing traffic!

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June said...

Looking good...always fascinating to study the inners of a building.