Thursday, February 26, 2009

don't be SAD

This past weekend we came home to:

A certified letter from the tax assessor's office...

A notice to report for Jury duty...

Lab results of high cholesterol...

But some good news greeted us as we went downstairs to do the weekly laundry.

I keep plants in the laundry room over the winter, mostly houseplants but every year I bring in some summer plants in pots to see if they will survive over the winter. Since the laundry room has no windows, I keep the light on... and since Buddy replaced the flourescent fixtures with some salvaged from his bank job, WOW, the plants are going crazy. I think this one is a begonia, and it is blooming in February!

Usually by this time of year everything (plants included) suffers from SAD. I tell myself that spending a lot of time in front of my computer monitor will counteract it, but now I am thinking I need to spend more time in the laundry room!


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Jellyhead said...

I'm sorry about the cholesterol, tax and jury duty. Hope those lovely plants cure your winter blues!


Mimi said...

Susan, I met a guy who is still going unbelievably strong at 90. Around 87 or so he was diagnosed with high cholesterol and he started eating oatmeal every day. He never had to go on meds. Good luck.

Kerri said...

Thank heavens for the happy looking plants to counteract the bad news mail :)
My Wax begonias overwinter very well and it's easy to grow cuttings from them if you want more plants.