Monday, January 5, 2009

one for the books

Barn Quilt in the Snow

Our barn quilt squares greet us every time we make the curve around the driveway. You can't see them from the road, so unless you have been here in person (or online) you wouldn't even know they were there. But that may change sometime this year, as they just might be featured in a book on Barn Quilts. Here is the message I received on Christmas Day:


I am writing a book about the many folks who have created quilt squares on their barns. I am working with Donna Sue Groves, who orginated the idea in Ohio in 2001; the book will be published by Ohio University.

I usually Google quilt barns every week or two to see if anything new comes up. I had not seen yours until today. Merry Christmas to me!

Although my focus is on the many community trails, I am also including a chapter on individuals who have decorated their own barns with quilts. Powder Springs, GA has in-town quilt paintings, but you are the first person that I know of in Georgia who has created a quilt on a barn! I may be wrong about that--if so, please enlighten me.

I would love to find out about your project and be able to mention you in the book as someone who created quilt squares without the support of a community.

You may notice that I have blogs as well; I teach high school in Dekalb County (Atlanta suburb) and use Blogger with my students.

I so hope that you will get this message and respond. It would be great to have a personal story from my home state!!

All best for Christmas and always,

Suzi Parron

We have corresponded back and forth several times since then. I directed her to the link on my sidebar for our project so she could see some of the construction pictures. She wanted to know why the girls picked their individual designs, and I sent her these answers I received via email:

I did the pinwheel. I liked it because it was I could combine a lot of colors. I liked the design of it also. So that is why I picked out the pinwheel. :) Madison

It seemed me anyways!!! Love, Your friend, Racheal
(Racheal did the bear paw)

Because it is a mixture of so many different shapes, if you really observe it. The colors I chose reminded me of nature. It went well with where it was going to be placed. ~Sarah
(Sarah did the monkey wrench block)

I of course did some research, found Ms. Parron's classroom blogs.

I found lots on Donna Sue Groves, including this one about the upcoming book: The American Quilt Trail is to be published in 2009 by Ohio University.

Barn Quilt Memories blog lists barn quilts by state, leading me to this site about Georgia, Southern Quilt Trail.

She says the book is a year long project, so we will have to wait and see!


June said...

How neat! Thanks for reinserting the link for the quilt trails too...

janeywan said...

How cool to have the girls work featured in a book!

Pam said...

Exciting news! Wow! I bet the girls are just thrilled. Will be awaiting news of the final project. Fun, fun, fun!!!


Motherkitty said...

There are "several" barns and outbuildings in our area that sport these quilt squares. It was interesting explaining to son and DIL what they were for (since they live in California and this is unknown to them). Too bad nobody can see yours from the road as they are beautiful to say the least.

Susan, you are truly an amazing person who is involved in so many creative projects. One of these days we might meet in person and for me it will be an honor.

Thanks for the anniversary good wishes.

dot said...

Wow, that's great! We have a barn but I wouldn't have any idea how to go about painting a quilt square on it. I love to look at others tho.

andsewitis Holly said...

Wooo-hooo! How thrilling is that!

Rick said...

I know somebody famous now! ;-) Congrats. The quilts are beautiful..

Barn Quilter said...

Susan... This is a great story, and it is wonderful of you to share the pictures of the process. What a great family experience.

I would love to have you stop by the social networking site at:

It's about sharing, and community, and the growth a real grassroots arts movement.

Best wishes,

Suzi Parron said...


Thanks so much for your kind words and for mentioning my project on your blog. You are still the only Georgia barn quilter that I know of!

I am having so much fun with this book, which has truly turned into a labor of love.

I have started my own blog (as if I have time to write) to talk about my experiences on the hunt for barn quilts. It just went up today, but I will be catching up on all that has gone on and then dropping in when I am on the road--which will be pretty much all of the time soon!

Stay in touch,

Suzi Parron