Tuesday, January 6, 2009

shop locally

One of the perks of Christmas shopping is finding things to buy for yourself. I am ashamed to admit that I do not shop locally as much as I should, but on one occasion at the local book store I made this find:

To Touch The Past: Appalachian Life Centered in Fannin County, Georgia by Dr. Kathleen Thompson. Through interviews of the area’s oldest residents, photos, and historical research a portrait of the Appalachian peoples of Fannin County emerges. The achievements of extraordinary figures and the daily lives of ordinary folk come alive.

Written by one of my favorite high school teachers about the local area, I had to buy it and am looking forward to reading it. And besides, it has a great quilt picture on the front!

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Jellyhead said...

Wow Susan, you are reading books by authors you know personally, and you're going to feature in a book too? (see, I've been reading your posts, but just keeping quiet for once! Have been in a quiet mood)

Soon I am going to have to request your autograph!