Thursday, January 29, 2009

face to face

hiking chickI am among the masses now on Facebook! I initially just wanted to keep up with the kids and grandkids. They have all accepted me as their friend and it is fun to watch them all interact with each other, playing games, sharing pictures, pokes, flair.

flair from CarrieAdding to my friend list of immediate family lead to other family members, nieces, nephews. Childhood schoolmates of my kids are now wanting to be my friend, these kids who used to come home on the bus for sleepovers etc., and that's cool.

favorite singerSo far I have found only one of my own schoolmates on there, we used to be cheerleaders together in grammar school, and it was good to catch up on her life and family. She admitted that she too joined to interact with her kids and grandkids. Maybe Facebook is mostly for the younger folks?

favorite TV showBeware what you say or do, everything is connected. For example, my niece recently was changing some things around on her profile and for status she had 'married'. She probably thought that sounded boring, she changed it to 'looking for friends'. Immediately a message went out to all the people on her friend list that Sherry was no longer married. Just as quickly the replies started pouring in, everything from "What happened?" to "Good riddance, put his bags on the curb!" to "Divorce, been there done that". So watch out what you post because everyone will see it!

homemade flairPieces of Flair is a fun application, these are the decorative buttons you might wear on your shirt (or apron if you are a waitress or work at Home Depot). You can send or receive flair or make your own, and post it on your virtual cork board.

favorite collectionWorking at home as I do, sometimes I feel isolated. About the only thing I miss about working in an office is the interaction with people. But then I remember some of the people I had to interact with and I don't miss it so much. So Facebook is a lot of fun, it is free, a good way to be social without actually seeing anyone in person. Are you on Facebook? Look me up!

I do want to express myself, okay. And I don't need 37 pieces of flair to do it. ~Jennifer Anniston as Joanna on the movie Office Space

~photos are some of my Pieces of Flair


dot said...

Funny because just yesterday I made the decision to come off of facebook. I didn't enjoy it and the people I was connected to I'm connected to in other ways. I felt like the whole world could read whatever I wrote. Next I'm coming off of Twitter.

janeywan said...

Hi Susan,

I found two classmates on facebook, it's a hoot to see photos of the one guy in particular. Gosh I thought he'd look just like he did 30 years ago, boy was I surprised, bet he was too.
Anyway looked you up and sent an invite.

Joann said...

Facebook is fun. I'll have to look for you. I do think it's a bit redundant. I'm getting stuff together for my quilt. Have been having fun with it. Went to a quilt shop in Newnan on Saturday to get some ideas of what I should be doing. My head is spinning after seeing all the cool fabrics at the quilt shop. I may have to take up a new hobby! I hope you're enjoying your travels. Sugest you get "People of the Book" by Geraldine B. (Can't remember her last name. See my post with picture. Fabulous read. She won the Pulitizer for a different book but I can see why; she's a wonderful writer.

Thanks for being with me in my journies. I appreciate your support.