Thursday, December 18, 2008

sounds of the season

The annual Christmas band concert was Tuesday night, this year features 6th grade granddaughter Racheal on the clarinet!

The gym was filled on a rainy cold December night, filled with parents and grandparents, filled with enthusiasm, filled with the beautiful sounds of the season. The students were very excited, the band directors obviously loved what they were doing, once even Mr. Huls joined the jazz band on his trumpet.

This time last year we were watching Sarah play the trombone, but this year she started high school and playing in the band is history. Maybe coolness and band geek don't mix...

Buddy played the trombone in his high school way back in the 70s, in fact from the 5th grade on, and he was reminiscing on the way home about concerts and marching routines.

Buddy has been procrastinating, I mean awaiting inspiration, to write his annual Christmas letter. The beautiful music performed by all the middle-schoolers must have been just what he needed, as after that he promptly whipped out the latest edition. It is in editing and printing now, will be mailed out ASAP!

Thanks to Racheal for the great concert and for getting us all in the Christmas spirit!


Pam said...

I don't want it to be time for Buddy's 2008 Christmas Letter! That will mean that we have to wait 12 months before the 2009 Christmas Letter! Ed and I have so enjoyed 'watching' your family grow and change and peaking into the life of the Tidwells of years past. Such fun!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Boy, that takes me back as I played the clarinet for . . . let's see, 10 years. Can she hit the high D? That was always a tricky one for me.