Tuesday, November 25, 2008

to do lists


It is that time of year, busy busy. The countdown is on, just 2 days til Thanksgiving, whoa!

Lists have been made - list of people coming, list of things to cook, list of groceries to buy, list of chores to do.


I am learning to delegate. (v. To entrust to another: delegate a task to a subordinate.)

cooking concept
Carrie and Melissa volunteered to get the Thanksgiving groceries. I gladly handed over the long list and hesitantly handed over my debit card, calling out last minute additions as they went out the door.

The grandkids are very excited about Thanksgiving dinner - they all love to eat! And cook! So this year they all want to bring something. Fine with me! As each of them called out something they wanted to cook and bring, I crossed it off my list.

cookBuddy spent a lot of time over the weekend taking down my Halloween decorations - cobwebs. And dust!

So let's see, my grocery list is all crossed off, my to do list is dwindling, my to cook list is smaller, hey, this delegating thing is pretty sweet!


andsewitis Holly said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and that everything is under control. Got a chuckle out of the hesitantly handing the debit card over part. You have a wonderful family.

Joann said...

You're the kind of grammy I wish I was. I just go to someone else's house with a few dozen deviled eggs and a positive attitude about helping to clean up. Jenn and Eric are the host and hostess this year. I will wrangle children for them earlier in the day to allow them to get chores done. Personally I'm looking forward to taking a nap in the afternoon! Enjoy being the perfect grammy. I'm imperfect but at least I'm still here!

Kerri said...

Nice work, Grandma! Especially getting Buddy to take down the Halloween decorations. Those spiders and dust bunnies decorate well, don't they?
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your 'most helpful' family! :)

Jellyhead said...

Good on you for delegating and reducing your load. You deserve to have some 'down time', too you know!

Happy Thanksgiving Susan

Byron Chesney said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your'n. Hope you have a great one!

Rick said...

My mother just bought a small wood stove...sounds like work in my near future! ;-P