Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mother Nature is going through the change

mapleBrilliant maple colors

airing out the quiltjig saw quilt -halfway done!

fall picnicPicnic anyone?

driveway fall 2008Once again the driveway is our best seasonal indicator.


Mother Nature is going through the change

She is trying on different outfits,
What to wear today?
Tired of her boring green summer attire
she is ready for a change.

The hot flashes of red oak leaves,
the mellow yellow of the poplar,
let's see, today should the maple
be green or yellow or orange?

Her mood swings are evident in sudden
bursts of wind, like pitching a tantrum
tossing around brown leaves and tree limbs
expecting someone to clean up her mess.

Mother Nature is going through the change
after the brief flash of colors
it will be time to pull out the quilts,
get in the firewood, hunker down for a long winter.

~all photos taken 3 November 2008 here at home


ET said...

The top picture is beautiful. You are a great photographer.

Not that this has anything to do with anything but the jumbled word verification for this comment is SUBTOL. It almost spells Sub Total, like before the sales tax is added.

Byron Chesney said...

The colors are looking great. I was a little worried this past weekend when we got a lot of rain and wind. But, they seem to be holding on for the show.

Pam said...

Susan!! You really need to make the picture with your quilt into a greeting card...WONDERFUL!!!


June said...

Beautiful colors captured. I enjoyed being in the midst of it while visiting in Georgia last weekend...the colors seem to be at or near peak. Our colors here in Virginia are past peak now and stiff winds coming through have shaken some trees bare already.

dot said...

I don't know which is the prettiest, the quilt or the leaves! I hope the leaves will be that pretty tomorrow.

Kerri said...

Brilliant colors at last! You've captured them beautifully, Susan.
The quilt photo is exceptional, but they're all gorgeous.
Today was perfect for a picnic here...surprising after last week's wintery weather.
Enjoy those wonderful colors while they last!

Alice said...

Such stunning colours, Susan. It's a real shame that the leaves have to fall, but it never fails to amaze me how a new crop of green leaves will appear in a few weeks and the whole process begins again. Nature is wonderful.

Becky said...

Your jigsaw quilt is stunning. Great job!