Friday, October 3, 2008

what are your kids reading

The recurring theme of vampires is once again popular with the younger generation. What is this facination with vampires? What are vampires anyway? Are they real?

According to Wikipedia: Vampires are mythological or folkloric revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living.

Our grandkids and all other kids their age are very excited about the upcoming vampire tale movie Twilight releasing on November 21st. They are great fans of author Stephanie Meyer and have read all of her books so far.

We watched an interview with the author on CBS last month, she said the idea for the story came to her in a dream:

"The girl, who would become Bella in the novels, was just an average teenager. The boy, Edward, was a vegetarian vampire, constantly fighting his desire to drink human blood."

I have never been a fan of the vampire stories, but I can remember back in grade school my friends rushing home after school to watch vampire Barnabas Collins on the daily gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Does anyone remember that?

So vampires are back once again, the kids are reading and excited about reading, hey this might be the best thing since Harry Potter!


Gypsy Quilter said...

I have to agree with you. The whole idea is rather morbid to me. I remember my sister and her friends watching Dark Shadows after school. Personally I never understood the magnetism. Give me J.R.R. Tolkein or Robert Jordan any day.

ET said...

I remember the soap Dark Shadows. My mother faithfully watched it every day.
Lately, my wife and I have been watching True Blood which Alan Ball got the "ball" rolling. Before that he was writing and producing "Six Feet Under". Alan Ball is from Marietta, Ga.
Alan Ball's "True Blood" is based on a vampire book series by Charlaine Harris which takes place in Louisiana.
My wife just finished her book "Dead to the World" and tossed it to me to read. Which I will get to, but first I will finish "She'll Come Undone" by Wally Lamb.
Pardon me, when I get to pounding on the keyboard one thing leads to another.

Jellyhead said...

It's not just kids you know! A thirty-something friend who loved 'Twilight' suggested it to me, and I am just starting it. (I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done!)

Joann said...

I remember Dark Shadows, but never got into it. It seemed like a soap opera except with vampires. I never liked soaps.

I think most teens are into angst, becuase there is so much angstin their lives. Vampires just represent the life that is mysterious and grown up and exotic and just out of their reach. They don't know how much of adult life is boring, stifling, drudgery, and scary. At least, that's what it is for me most of the last 56 years. The good parts have been very good, but the majority of it is just flat out boring as crap. no vampires, except for the fellow I was married to for 7 years. And while he didn't suck the blood out of me, he sure did suck the joy out of life for a long while. Or, I allowed him to, perhaps. Anyway, I think vampires are just a wish for mystical and magical freeing up of the person from being a teen that is old enough to know what they want to do, but not old enough to really do it. It must be late because I think I'm babbling. Yes, I remember Dark Shadows.

paula, the quilter said...

In college, the teevee room of the dorm would be packed with girls watching Dark Shadows. I basically grew up with no teevee so did not watch it. Still don't. But I love to read; haven't read any of S. Meyer's books tho.