Monday, October 6, 2008

all decked out

deck flowers

There it is again, THUD, the 3rd time this week. We have some big windows in the front of our house and birds sometimes run into them head on, literally. It gets worse this time of year, it must be the dumb Yankee birds flying South for the winter. Our cat Maggie recognizes the sound and comes running to give the downed bird CPR and mouth-to-mouth, but despite all her efforts, they never survive the attack on our windows.

Another noisy event happening on our deck this time of year - acorns keep falling on my head - sounds like a song. The acorns are huge and plentiful this year. We talked of wearing hard hats while outside. They say that means a cold winter ahead, great.

Last but not least the flowers are still blooming in the deck flower boxes. With the late frost last spring and the rabbits this spring, there is nothing left blooming in the yard, but I can always count on the deck flower boxes to brighten my day every time I look out the front door.

~photo deck flower boxes 4 Oct 2008


Joann said...

Wow! Awesome blooms!

ET said...

Great blooms!
Acorns keep falling on our deck and will through most of November. It reminds me of a little squirrel tap dancing.
Birds keep flying smack into our big den windows too and when they are knocked woo woo between my dog Willow, the neighbor's cat, and the resident hawk they don't have a chance. From time to time I see a little pile of feathers on the ground below the window.