Thursday, October 30, 2008

used to be

Everyone wants to vote early to avoid the long lines on election day. We all know where to vote on election day, out at the Oakland Clubhouse where they have family reunions and baby showers and yard sales. All of us have already voted except for Buddy, he is heading there today, and he is asking, "Where do I go to vote early?"

Why at the Voter Registrar's office, of course. You know, they used to be over behind the courthouse on that little street but of course it is gone now, replaced by the new courthouse. So they moved over to where the County Extension office used to be, do you remember where that was?

Anyway, to get there you can't turn down Broad Street like you used to could by what used to be the Bank of Ellijay because of the construction on the phase II of the new courthouse. So, from the town square (well, it used to be the town square, now it is a roundabout), from the roundabout, turn there where the hardware store used to be and go out that road toward Fort Mountain.

Across from the Baptist Church, where the post office used to be, turn back hard to the left (I think your truck will make that turn) and go in behind that row of buildings where the Methodist Recycle Store used to be, you know, next door to where the classes used to be for the kids to take ballet and gymnastics.

Park in that lot where the Perry House used to be before they tore it down and look for a little white clapboard house right behind that building that used to be the library. Don't try the door on the street, it is locked, go around to the right to the carport and go in the side door.

It's not all that hard to find, really! Gotta love our little town.


Tina Leigh said...

I voted yesterday. I am hoping to come your way next week if nothing happens. Gonna get some apples...I hope the leaves are pretty! Oh you know my mama...Dot. I'll be with

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I voted on October 15th, the first day of early voting here in Tennessee.

When I was transferred to Knoxville, someone in my new office really DID give me directions that included "where the _____ used to be." (I can't remember after 28 years what place she said.) If I'm new in town, I don't KNOW what used to be there or anywhere. Duh!

ET said...

I picked up on your directions of Fort Mountain. The big boulder fort there is very interesting and confusing.

I voted via the U.S. Postal Service one week ago tomorrow.

June said...

Good to hear your civic duty is done!

Kerri said...

Your little town looks and sounds very quaint. I'm think it's bigger than where we go to vote. If you blink you miss it. Well, maybe not quite, but it's pretty small!
We'll do our civic duty tomorrow!