Tuesday, September 9, 2008

special delivery

Split rail fence, Blue Ridge Parkway

Linville Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway

Bluff Mountain, Blue Ridge Parkway

On Saturday we drove to Virginia to take Carrie to visit with her cousins. We drove interstate highways most of the way up, but after making our special delivery, we quickly found the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. A collective sigh was heard as we left behind all evidence of civilization and followed the winding road South.


June said...

If you were in Virginia and on the parkway, you were in my neck of the woods...did you pass Tuggles Gap? Mile marker 163 I think. That's where you'd have gotten off.

dot said...

I love the mountains! Gorgeous pictures!

Joann said...

My favorite places on the Blue Ridge are The Peaks of Otter and Mabry Mill.

Are you guys independently wealthy or do you withdraw your oil stock in gasoline? I have to think twice before driving to the grocery store! Although, I did do some caching with my grandson Sunday (and his maw and paw and sis). It's been a while since I had such fun.