Tuesday, July 1, 2008

neighborhood watch

"A mama bear and three cubs have been visiting our yard.
Keep the children safe."

The above picture and message received via e-mail yesterday, the rural version of the neighborhood watch.

We don't see much of our neighbors, maybe in passing on the road, or at Wal-Mart, but when there is news to be shared, we hear from our neighbors, and pass it on down the road.

"Next door neighbor" and "across the street" do not mean the same thing in the country as in town. I cannot look out my window and see my neighbors, to get to their houses I would jump in the car. Most houses are not even visible when driving down the road, but there is a mailbox marking every spot where a gravel driveway heads to a neighbor's house.

Even though we don't see or talk to our neighbors doesn't mean we aren't there for each other. I would not hesitate to call on any of our neighbors if I needed help, I might have to introduce myself and tell them which house I lived in, but I know any of them would be happy to give assistance.

Thanks, neighbor for the heads-up on the bears, we'll be on the lookout for them!


June said...

Neighbors watching out for neighbors is one of the things I love about being "in country"...

doubleknot said...

How great for your neighbors to let you know about things going on that may affect everyone.

Oh, I remember camping - those days are gone for me but I am so glad that people are still going camping.