Monday, June 2, 2008


On our first day in Banff National Park, we rode the gondola, and in the gift shop high atop Sulphur Mountain, we found these beautiful wooden pieces.

I pointed them out to Buddy, and then I started looking at everything else. By the time I had made my way through the entire shop, I came back to where he was standing, still looking at these two. He was admiring the craftsmanship, the time it took to do the cutting and sanding, and most of all the cheap price - $59 each. As Buddy has done this type of wood work in the past, he knows what goes into it and, as he said, he would not even start to make one for that price. In a matter of minutes, he had decided to get them, decided where they would look good at home, on our living room mantle.

On shopping, Buddy sees something he wants and gets it, it's that simple. On the other hand, I see something I like and have to think about it, at least overnight, and if I still want it, then I go back and get it. This same gift shop is where I first saw what I eventually wanted to take home as a memento of our trip, but of course, it took me the rest of the week before I would actually buy one to take home!


June said...

These ARE beautiful! I love all the contours. Glad they were still there waiting for you by the end of the week... :-)

Pam said...

Beautiful works of art!

So enjoyed seeing pictures of your trip and reading about your adventures.

Thanks for sharing!


jellyhead said...

Those carvings certainly are lovely. And not expensive, either. You'll always remember your travels when you see them on your wall.