Tuesday, June 3, 2008

home decor

Most of our home decor consists of not art, but posters of places we have been, and handcrafted wooden pieces by the resident carpenter/woodcrafter in the family.

And of course trophies from our many hunting expeditions, check out these two fine specimens we bagged while out hunting in Canada... (in the gift shops):

It has been hard coming down off my Rocky Mountain High back to reality. Hard to get back into a routine, I actually had to cook a couple of meals, bummer, vacation is definitely over!


jellyhead said...

Tee hee .... those trophy 'animal heads' are hilarious!

June said...

Why not have visual reminders of beautiful places and good times!

Joann said...

Some of the pix you took are real wowzers. Blow some of them up and fram them!

The wood cuttings are beeautiful, but the "trophies" and just plain "delightfully corny." ;)