Monday, June 16, 2008

jungle life

The rhododendrons are blooming in the yard. A native of these mountains, they require no maintenance, grow taller every year, are green year-round, and bloom right on schedule every June.

The moral of the story is just enjoy what grows naturally here in the forest. I wish I could accept that, but every year I try to plant flowers, with mostly no luck at all.

A couple of years ago, it was the deer eating the hostas. Then this spring the rabbits appeared and mowed down the tender hosta shoots as soon as they emerged from the ground. This really bummed me out, and prompted me to say, "I give up!" But daughter Melissa got me some Rabbit-be-gone spray, so I decided to give it another shot.

On Friday, I was cleaning the weeds out of my flower beds in anticipation of going on Saturday to the local hosta farm and possibly to Lowe's to bring home some plants. As I reached down to pull up a little oak tree that had sprung up from a fallen acorn, I noticed the brown pine bark had a rather uniform pattern -eeekkk sssnake!

After I ran into the house, hyperventilating, and swearing not to set foot into the yard again, Buddy went outside to check it out. He confirmed it was a copperhead, and he promptly turned it from a bad snake into a good snake.

Once again my gardening energy was dashed, the empty flower beds look just fine as they are. It is hard enough to get anything to grow anyway with all the shade, but now with all the critters taking over, I give up (once again)! Sometimes I feel like I am living in a jungle! Just one more sign that the forest is taking over!

I will just stick to flower boxes on the deck, and enjoy the annual mountain laurel and rhododendrons.

"I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died." ~Richard Diran


janeywan said...

We are inundated with rabbits and squirrels this year, along with the moles. Growing anything above ground is a joke and would hate to see the destruction going on under ground.

Anonymous said...

We were up on our property yesterday and I took a rhododendron picture almost like yours! The ferns along the creek are really beautiful this year, too. Our neighbors told us they recently had a bear in the yard and a turtle that was at least 12" across. The critters are taking over!

June said...

We have more rabbits than ever too. They must be multiplying like...well, like bunnies! So far our hostas have been left alone. Perhaps because they're close to the house?

Keith said...

It looks like your bunnies put some Susan-be-gone in the garden. I wonder how they talked the snake into it.

jellyhead said...

I smiled at the rock garden quote!

Also at Keith's remark about Susan-be-gone... tee hee.

At least you can take comfort in all the natural beauty around you.... from the photos I've seen, it looks awesome.

Mimi said...

Your gardening history sounds a lot like mine. However, for some strange reason I am happy for the company out there. We have black snakes, toads, box turtles, a family of rabbits, not to mention a ground hog and of course our lovable mutt Emmy who coexists beautifully with everyone else. All this in a suburban back yard.