Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wordless wednesday

past vacation photos pop up on the screensaver
and make me smile

~photo 2005 Universal Studios Florida


Joann said...

Poisideon's trident on land?

Looks like an interesting place.

Marsha said...

hmmmm... where is this? Looks interesting!

Happy WW!

Diana said...

That's a great idea...I'll have to change my screensaver! Great shot!

Barry said...

Hey, cool, it's another part of the 40-toed statue from "Lost"!!!

Just kidding, I know where that's from. Been there several times myself.. Great show. Since you didn't identify it, I won't spoil it.

Barry said..., make that 4-toed. 40-toed? Why that would be quite a "feet" ;)

Thanks folks, I'll be here all day...

texas_sweetie said...

wow this is awesome.where is this place?


Check out mine too!


Arc Bridge

June said...

That's a really cool shot! I don't recognize its location...a theme park in Florida, by chance?