Monday, February 18, 2008

redneck mardi gras

Carrie has been in Daytona for the last several days, for the 50th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR race, or the redneck Mardi gras as her friend LeeAnn calls it. Carrie was invited to go with a local family, the Fradys, as Max Frady was working for the wrecker service at the race.

She called on Thursday from the middle of the track to tell us she had arrived.

She called on Friday, "I am shopping in NASCAR memorabilia heaven, do y'all want anything?"

She called on Saturday on her way home from the beach after eating at Bubba Gump's.

She called on Sunday morning to tell us she was going to be in the parade around the track before the race, "I will be riding in the first wrecker, watch for me!"

But at race time, everyone was gathered at the wrecker compound in turn 3, up on scaffolding to watch the race. Just after it started, our phone rang, it was Carrie, "Listen to this!" and the phone roared with the sound of racing cars speeding by.

We watched the race, hoping for a glimpse of her, but couldn't seem to pick her out of the over 200,000 fans.

The race was pretty much uneventful until near the end. It was like the sponsors noticed everyone nodding off at home and said, OK boys lets mix it up some, give 'em some action.

It sounds like she had a good time and we are looking forward to hearing all about it, and seeing her pictures when she returns.

Now she can get back to her own driving adventure, she has been a student driver here, learning to drive a stick shift on our Jeep. Hopefully the NASCAR need for speed won't carry over to our little country road. Maybe she can get some pointers from sister Melissa on how to handle the curves…

~speed limit sign found here


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Susan, you asked, "So where is your 6 word memoir, Bonnie?" Hey, what makes you think I have the ability to say anything in six words ... lol? How about a 6-blog memoir? Now THAT maybe I could manage! I think it would be a very hard thing to say something meaningful in six words and, believe it or not, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind to try it. Come back over to Weekend Wordsmith in a day or so, and maybe I'll have come up with something. Not promising, but I'll think about it.

Michael Manning said...

I'd enjoy being at the Daytona 500. At least she can say "I was there"! Hope she does well with your Jeep's transmission. FUN!!!

Rick said...

I worked for Nascar for 3 years at Talledega and my dad still does. I was on Track Safety. This means we are the goobers who pick up car parts, debris and dodge race cars during the caution flags. ;-) It was a lot of fun!