Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Madison's Maze

Madison's finished quilt! She designed the color scheme for the squares (81 in all!), sewed them all together. She then designed the maze quilting pattern, named the quilt, made a label for the back, and voila! A finished quilt to take home.

These granddaughters are really doing well with their sewing projects, they are getting a lot more accomplished than I am!

I have come to believe
that life is much like a quilt.
As the Quiltmaker,
you are given pieces to work with.
How you view them,
and how you choose to use them
is up to you.


June said...

Very pretty! I think it's great that the youngins are doing crafty things.

dot said...

She did a great job! It's very pretty and I like the little poem also.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Okay, I've written my six words:


Thanks for pushing me a wee bit.

andsewitis Holly said...

She made a beautiful quilt. It could also be like geocaching where the "X" marks the cache.

Joann said...

What a wonderful legacy to pass on to your grandchildren!

Congrats on the GGA award too! When I get less puny, I'll have to make it up that way to see the waterfall. I LOVE them!

I'll bring you a bit of hand made pottery and maybe we can have a lunch together! I'm definitely not very energetic yet, but the day is coming!

colleen said...

I'm impressed!

Kerri said...

She's such a clever girl...creative like her grandma :)