Monday, February 4, 2008

cold weather captives

my toes are prisoners
of boots and sox
never seeing
the light of day

they wonder what
have they done wrong
to be locked up
this way

will they ever again
have any fun
walk on the beach
bask in the sun

can they expect
a pardon soon
or plan an escape
by light of moon

or should they just wait
to be set free
with time spent dreaming
of sand and sea

~photo Florida vacation 9 September 2007


June said...

Very clever! Not to rub it in, but we're having temps in the 80s down here. I've been remiss not getting to the beach, but if I do, I'll think of you as my toes hit the sand.

Pam said...

My toes are feeling the same! They strongly dislike shoes and socks ~ choosing sand, grass and showing off bright nail polish....soon I tell them, soon it will be time to pull out the flip-flops.


dot said...

Nice post! Did you write that?

doubleknot said...

Cute toes and oh that sand I can just feel it between my toes. It won't be long before warm weather will settle in. I live on the Gulf so there are beaches all around me.

colleen said...

I love this. Poor toes.

Kerri said...

Oh there you go teasing me with that picture again!
Great poem :)
The weather here is miserable with a frigid wind blowing in all the cracks, causing us to bundle up in extra socks and lap and shoulder blankets. It can only get better from here on, right?