Friday, November 9, 2007


stages of the maple leaf

Like the stages of the maple leaf changing color, life is going by in stages, a week at a time…

Autumn chores ~ Bring in the firewood, get out the sweaters, bring in the houseplants, check out the antifreeze, close in the attic fan, empty out the hummingbird feeders, check out the Christmas lights hanging from the eaves (yes, we do leave them up all year and qualify yet again for 'you might be a redneck if…')

Bun warmers ~ Buddy is enjoying all the perks on his new truck - like the seat heaters that make those cold leather seats nice and toasty.

Headin' to the hills ~ Well, different hills that is. Camping out this weekend at Fort Mountain State Park in the nearby Cohutta mountains. Campfire sitting, trail hiking, leaf looking, even some geocaching!

Quote of the week ~ After winning the Country Music Horizon Award, 17-year-old Taylor Swift, "This is definitely the highlight of my senior year!"

Local news ~ Cow patty bingo - Players will purchase a 3 foot square area of the football field. A cow will be let loose on the field. When the cow 'relieves' itself, the person who purchased that particular square will win $500. (In the local newspaper this week - really, you can't make this stuff up!)

Veterans Day ~ Madison sang patriotic songs in the 5th grade play last night, and today Sarah is marching in her first parade through downtown.

TGIF ~ Yes it is! Have a great weekend!


Seeing Anew said...

Got a chuckle out of the year-round Christmas lights comment! Makes sense to me to leave them up all year :-) What kind of camping do you -- tent camping? rv?

Catherine said...

Very nice post!...Love the maple leaf photo's & the word's!!~Our life does go by in stages...
I like that you listed Autumn chore's, & seat heaters~bun great is that..:)
Also thanks for the wonderful comment's & your visit!!

Kerri said...

This is the best kind of news...I love it when you do these type of posts. It's like a little local newspaper us a glance at everyday life in Georgia.
Bun warmers..what a great idea! :)
Here in NY we have to start that list of chores a little ahead of you.
That cow patty bingo sounds like fun. You might be a redneck if you play........ :)