Monday, November 26, 2007

the party's over

on the road again ~ Melissa and family are back home again after a week in Virginia with relatives. They all had a great time visiting and vacationing. They stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, which has an indoor water park! These accomodations look a lot better than their soggy tent when they go on vacation with us, Grandma Pam really knows how to treat them!

feeling sluggish ~ According to Robin at CNN, "that 'duh' feeling today could be a carb coma post Thanksgiving." Time to toss the leftovers and get back on a regular diet!

counting down ~ Need some help to get in the mood for Christmas: Here is a Christmas countdown site!

shop til you drop ~ Anyone go shopping on Black Friday? I did some online browsing which turned out to be quite entertaining. We ventured out on Saturday, found a few things. This sign reminded me of the grandkids:

the party's over ~ The rain and wind have blown off all the leaves here, it is really looking a lot like winter now. Yesterday it was cold and rainy - a good day to sit by the fire, watch old movies, read, and nap.

the confetti of leaves has fallen
the guests have all gone home,
taking with them
pictures and memories
of the seasonal change
in the mountains

the party is over
nothing left but
the clean up


janeywan said...

I love the sign, love it!

The misty photo with the leaves off the trees isn't so bad either.

Glad your had a good Thanksgiving.

Motherkitty said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I received the gift that keeps on giving from the grandkids -- a stomach virus that's going around. Had to cancel an appointment today until I get over feeling crappy. The turkey and all the fixings were good though and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Loved the picture of the misty, leafless trees. It's been raining here for several days and, yes, it does have a winterish feel to the air. We have not had any snow yet, but the DirecTV guy who visited us last Friday said it was spitting sleety snow in a town not too far from our house. Maybe we will be able to use our virgin snowblower this year.

CONNIE W said...

LOVE that sign...boy does it say it all! hee hee

June said...

The sign is great!

It sounds like you and your family had a lovely holiday.

No, I stayed away from the stores on Black Friday. I don't care how much you save, it ain't worth it!

jellyhead said...

Well, the party may be over, but not for long! Christmas is coming!!

Wish I could come and watch old movies with you out there in that beautiful place where you live. Sounds wonderful!

Mimi said...

Our family will go to that same Great Wolf Lodge next week. It is a really neat place and I fully intend to do as many of the rides as I am able, even the Hurricane or Tornado or whatever the heck it's called.


Beth said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving, Susan. Goodness, that is an amazing fireplace at the Great Wolf Lodge! Sounds like a fun place, but I'm sure your camping trips are just as fun.

That sign is hilarious.

colleen said...

Ha! I keep reading this same sort of post about the after party, carb overload, shadow looming, gray sky day. I even wrote one. I hear some people shop it off.

Sandy said...

I have that Teenagers sign on my frig for my teens.

Love that foggy, misty looking picture. We've had nice sunny weather here after the rain and now it's cold, but not too bad yet.

We had some snow flurries. You had to be out at just the right moment because they left as quick as they came.

I shopped online on Black Friday and am hoping that all comes in before Christmas as they assured me. We also went shopping on the Saturday after Black Friday and bought one of those new digital flat screen HDTV's for ourselves and hunted for toys not made in China for the great-grands.