Monday, October 15, 2007

in search of

In search of the sunrise… after leaving kids and grandkids setting up for Saturday's yard sale in the dark, we drove up to the top of the mountain just in time.

Apparently a lot of folks were in search of bargains, as a big dent was made in the amount that went from the yard sale straight to the Methodist Recycle Store.

Melissa said it reminded her of the days of crafting with dad, waving at the folks going by, hawking her goods. Madison was in charge of refreshments - home-made cookies 50 cents! Sarah worked hard selling lots of clothes.

It was another beautiful weekend in the mountains, lots of folks in town for the Apple Festival. We usually avoid town during festival time, but since we were there to deliver yard sale leftovers - we made the loop 'round the square, getting behind the horse-drawn carriage.

It was really a spectacle to see all that traffic in our little town. A stop over at the auto parts store brought out some local wisdom from the salesman, "I don't know why all these folks come to Ellijay, you could buy that stuff at a store a lot cheaper than at those craft booths down at the fairground."

Why indeed? What are all these people in search of? Well let's see, a quaint little town in the beautiful mountains, a good excuse to get out of the city, I guess it is not that hard to figure out.

By the end of the day we were in search of something also, setting on the porch for a spell!

We didn't make it to the actual festival yet, just enjoyed the crowds and traffic this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Here are some pictures from last year to give you the idea. Come on out and see for yourself!


janeywan said...

Is that pollution in the air? It sure makes for beautiful sunsets!

Motherkitty said...

No, I don't think that's pollution in the air. I think it's a misty dawn that's rising from the mountains -- warm earth meeting cooler air.

So glad y'all had a great weekend. It was equally beautiful here in the land of Kaintuck. Old Dan'l Boone would have enjoyed our weather.

Alice said...

Beautiful sunrise - obviously an omen for a lovely day.

That salesman has no 'romance in his soul'.

Hope you enjoy the Apple Festival again this year.

Sandy said...

Jimmy & I love to ride our bikes to these local festivals in small towns. After the enjoyable ride there, we love to eat and then walk around. We seldom buy anything though, but do have a wonderful day talking with the people.

Love your beautiful sunrise and your beautiful mountainous home.

bluemountainmama said...

lovely sunrise....

i'd pay a little more for a local, handcrafted item anyday...its worth it just for the ambience of small-town festivals... your littel festival sounds just up my alley!

Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl said...

What a lovely sunrise--it was certainly worth a drive up the mountain! And your porch looks so inviting with the swing and the pretty quilt--just right for these cool autumn nights. Very nice.