Sunday, September 23, 2007


A recent inquiry by blogger June asked for my 5 strengths as a writer.

I am no writer, so I don't really have strengths as such, so instead I will share why I do this… blog thing.

1. Keeping track - I like to be organized (blame years of clerical work), so I like to document what goes on around here on a daily basis, whether it be events, adventures, seasonal changes, or just what the kids and grandkids are up to, so someday I can look back and read about them - when I don't actually remember them anymore…

2. Picture perfect - I like to include pictures along with stories, or maybe just a picture - a picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Family circle - I like to tell some family stories, history, things to pass on to future generations.

4. Pause and reflect - what is on my mind at the moment - observations, musings, reflections - along with ideas, poetry, movies, books, music, quotes, patchwork.

5. Reach out and touch - I like connecting with people either in person or online, reading comments, getting feedback, making new friends.

I also find it rewarding:

I recently received this Blogger Reflection Award from Liz at Southern Highlands Cam.

Like Liz, I don't usually pass on chain emails or memes, but I would like to thank her for thinking of me on this one.

Liz is located in nearby Murphy, NC and always has great pictures of our local mountains, lakes, small towns, and all the scenery in between. And, like she said, I often find places in her pictures that remind me of growing up here.

Like her picture of the Henn Theatre in Murphy where Buddy and I went once when we were dating. It was a memorable experience, the walk-in theatre was very crowded and loud, during the movie the phone on the wall rang, it was answered by someone who hollered out phone for ... Classic!

And since I have been doing this for 2 years now, I thought maybe it is time for a new look, so I changed my background template and colors!


liz said...

Thanks for the link, and you're definitely 'award-winning' with this posting about writing. Like the new look and wow, the new roof on the house looks great!

June said...

Great 5! You're well deserving of your award. Congrats. And...let me add my compliments to the new look.