Thursday, August 16, 2007

bridging the gap

Our days here in the suburbs of Chattanooga are numbered, we will be moving on in a few weeks.

I had hoped to see a lot more of the area by now, but just haven't gotten around to it. So I queried local blogger Bonnie about the must-see spots. She sent back a list and offered to meet me and show me around.

I agreed to meet Bonnie in the northshore area. I arrived early to see the nearby Coolidge Park with the restored carousel, fountains, and the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge over the Tennessee River. My original plan was to walk the length of the bridge (and I would still like to do that), but the 100+ temps yesterday prevented that.

I met Bonnie at 'A Novel Idea' bookstore, and we walked down the block to a little café - to cool off with a coke and air conditioning while we got acquainted. We sat in the window watching the traffic go by - cars, bikes, people, strollers. I learned about the history of the area from this Chattanooga native, we shared pictures of kids and grandkids, talked about a number of things including books, religion, jobs, and of course blogging!

Thanks Bonnie for showing me around this area of town, and for all your suggestions for more places to see. Now I just have to get busy and see them all before I leave.

And thanks for getting me out! Since beginning to work at home I have become a hermit, and at first the thought of meeting someone in person - from the internet - was just too scary! But you said it well, "Don't you find that people come across the same online as they do in person, for the most part?"

I am glad I took that step, thanks for helping me bridge the gap, and it was good to meetcha!


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Ha! And how perfect your metaphor is for yesterday's meeting! This bridge, which we walked UNDER yesterday (shades of Weekend Wordsmith!), becomes a way of explaining our time together ... THERE. Wow, Susan, you are GOOD! Officially, we hit 103F yesterday, though the heat doesn't show at all ... lol ... in your photo. Off to finish blogging about our meeting over at Bonnie's Books.

Alice said...

So pleased you were able to meet another blogger and found her to be just as you imagined. That's one of the wonderful things about blogging, I feel that I would be welcome in many homes across the world now, as indeed, those friends would be in mine, and we'd already feel that we partly knew each other.

I love photos of bridges, and that's a good one.

Sandy said...

It sounds like you had a nice meeting with Bonnie and I hope you get out and enjoy more of Chattanooga, but today it's supposed to get to about 104º so be careful.

The one great thing about meeting one of your blogging buddies is that you already know so much about them when you first meet in person. You have seen their family pictures, know their interests and know exactly what to ask & who to ask about...You're a friend already and once you've overcome the anticipation of meeting in person, you can relax and enjoy visiting with them face to face.

Holly said...

It was scarey for me to meet two online bloggers this summer but it turned out well just like your meeting with Bonnie. You already have that shared background in blogging so it's not like meeting a stranger. Sounds like a fun day!

Barry said...

Are you heading on up I-75 to Knoxville any time soon?

janet said...

Glad to hear your meeting went well with a fellow blogger. So many people I'd like to meet that I've gotten to know through blogging. I think you can get to know someone rather well from their blog.
The photo of the bridge is awesome.
I scooted over to Bonnie's reading blog, bookmarked another site. Eeee got to stop adding new sites!

colleen said...

OOOOH two bloggers I'd like to meet. You and Bonnie. The bridge looks like it would be fun to walk too.