Friday, August 17, 2007

Coolidge Park

coolidge park

Once an abandoned shipping yard, Coolidge Park has carried the spirit of revitalization from downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore. The park features a century-old, hand-carved carousel. A large fountain with stone horses, lions and sea turtles sprays water to cool youngsters on hot summer afternoons. A large common area along the riverfront allows for games, picnics and relaxing afternoons. Two stages and a pavilion area offer space for weddings and other special events. Park admission is free.

coolidge park carousel

The carousel was first carved in 1895 and was an attraction in New York, Massachusetts, and Atlanta's Grant Park before moving to Chattanooga.

chattanooga northshore

The Walnut Street Bridge was built in 1891, the first structure to cross the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. Almost 100 years after its construction, the bridge was closed on the advice of engineers who feared its collapse. Committed citizens spoke out against its destruction, and funds were raised to save the bridge. Renovated as the longest pedestrian walkway bridge in the world, the 2,370-foot Walnut Street Bridge in downtown Chattanooga reopened in grand fashion in May 1993.


Alice said...

Coolidge Park is beautiful, and your photos do it justice. What an amazing carousel that is (we usually call them a merry-go-round). The bridge is so interesting and quite a focal point. I'm loving seeing these new places.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Beautiful photos and excellent post, Susan! Your photos are better than the ones used by the city of Chattanooga to showcase this place!

Read more about the Carousel here:

The frame is over a hundred years old (1895) and renovated, but the animals are newly carved ... right here in Chattanooga ... each one by an individual who was learning how to do it in the style of the original carver, Gustav Dentzel.