Thursday, July 26, 2007


The Vine that ate the South!

Kudzu is the vine introduced from Asia, initially used as a ground cover, it grows fast and prevents erosion. It has pretty green leaves and purple flowers. BUT it is very invasive, overgrows other plants and anything else in its path (cars, houses), and is very hard to get rid of.

In the nearby city of Chattanooga, Tennessee they even use goats to control the kudzu on its surrounding hills.

A longtime nuisance here in the South, local entrepreneurs have come up with a great idea - to use kudzu for fuel, solving two problems at once - the overabundance of unwanted kudzu and an alternative fuel source, hence Kudzunol!

We watched this story on the news a while back, the process was shown using a contraption that looked and worked like a moonshine still, down to the end product - a clear liquid coming out into a mason jar. The fuel was then used to run a lawnmower!

Tennessee Agro*Gas Industries is the local company started by Doug Mizell and Tom Monahan for their kudzunol, and if they have anything to say about it, kudzu is not just for goats anymore!


Alice said...

They say "it's an ill wind that blows nobody good" and it seems that here something good has come from what has been a nuisance. Even better if this new fuel can be created without adding to environmental problems.

Okay, Susan, now you can pick yourself up off the floor where you probably fell from the shock of having me post a comment after all this time. I'm starting to feel 'blog sociable' again, so I may become a nuisance, too

sharon b said...

I have a recipe from the Tallahasse Democrat.
for Stuffed Kudzu leaves. It was from a couple of years back. Tallahasse had a flock of sheep with a shepred that keep the parks cleaned up..We are inventive people. We are a bunch of inventive people..

jellyhead said...

So there's a silver lining in the cloud that is kudzu. Aren't people clever?

LZ Blogger said...

Susan ~ I actually think that vine is very cool looking. ~ jb///

cj said...

Now how cool is that?

Using Kudzu would help keep the price of corn from skyrocketing, which would be good on a lot of levels.

Oh, and I loved your poem at Weekend Wordsmith. It's amazing.