Wednesday, June 27, 2007

room 1408 is worth checking into


starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson

13 reasons to see this one:

1 Stephen King
2 not a sequel, remake, or copycat
3 not based on a comic book character or tv show
4 John Cusack
5 ghosts and mind games instead of blood and gore
6 Samuel Jackson
7 edge of seatness
8 creepy camera shots
9 hearing The Carpenters is pretty creepy too
10 hints of The Shining
11 heebie-jeebies guaranteed
12 some rooms are locked for a reason
13 room 1408 is worth checking into

There are many references to the number 13 throughout the movie. The room 1408 - add each number together makes 13. The room is on the 14th floor, and the Hotel skips the 13th floor, so its technically on the 13th floor. The room's key lock also has 6214 which adds up to 13. And the first death was in the year 1912, which adds to 13.

King's recent work has been royally botched onscreen (Dreamcatcher) - Not this time. - ~Rolling Stone

While its visuals are state-of-the-art, "1408" at heart is refreshingly old school. It earns its shivers without resorting to the mindless slice-and-dice clich├ęs of all the "Saws" and "Hostels" glutting the multiplex. 1408 earns its shivers. ~Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Andrew B said...

Great review!

Carrie said...

** We've only just begun.... **

jellyhead said...

I love a good thriller, and this sounds like an excellent one. Now I just have to wait until the movie makes its way over here!

Kerri said...

I'm really make it sound so good. The last Stephen King movie I saw was years ago (Pet Sematary) and it scared me silly. I've stayed away from his books and movies ever since. Perhaps the idea of a child being a murderer was just too much for me. I love a good thriller, but don't like being left with nightmares!
I loved Misery though, and Shawshank Redemption, among others.
Thanks for a great review. You could do this for a living :)