Friday, June 8, 2007

out and about

Riverbend festival begins tonight in Chattanooga, the 9 day music festival features Vince Gill, Earth Wind and Fire, Randy Owen (formerly of Alabama) just to name a few.

The great aerial view of the festival site was found on local TV NewsChannel 9 weather blog! (click the picture!)

The masons are scrambling to keep up at the new Covenant Bank job in Rock Spring. Stacks of cast stone cover the site waiting to be installed.

The bank president and staff are excited by the progress, they even have construction pictures on their website.

Congrats to Hammock Hanger - Sue Turner for completing 532 miles of the Great Eastern Trail.

According to her last trail journal entry: This trail is just not quite ready for a thru-hiker... To all those that followed my hike, supported me, encouraged me and just made me feel good, THANK YOU. It wasn't as long an adventure as we had planned but a grand one none-the-less.

All of us weekend hikers enjoyed the vicarious trek along with you, Sue!

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Sandy said...

I wish I could hike like that again. It's so nice to see young people getting out and hiking these beautiful trails.
I can only do short hikes and perferably on cool days, followed by a good nights sleep in a nice motel with satellite TV. hehehe