Friday, June 29, 2007

if you could

Would you change anything in your life if you could?

Would you like to be with your long deceased mother for one more day, to reflect on the past, to right some wrongs, to make peace? Like in the latest book by Mitch Albom - For One More Day.

Kenny Chesney says it best in his song - A Lot of Things Different:

I wish I’d spent more time with my dad
when he was alive
Now I don't have the chance

And I wish I'd told my brother
how much I loved him before he went off to war
But I just shook his hand

I wish I’d gone to church on Sunday morning
when my grandma begged me to
But I was afraid of God

I wish I would of listened when they said
boy you're gonna wish you hadn't
But I wouldn't

Oh I, I’d done a lot of things different

People say they wouldn't change a thing
Even if they could
Oh but I would

full lyrics here

Would you change anything in your life if you could? What?


The Calico Cat said...

The things that I would change are too numberous... Something about hindsight... (a better behaved child - although if I had been, my father would have nothing to talk these 15 years later, school instead of Army, Something medical instead of Education - I knew I wanted to be Quincy - I should have stuck to my guns...)

Barry said...

I sometimes wish I'd gone ahead and gone to Graduate School and studied theatre, maybe I'd be farther along in that career than I am now. But then I think of the wonderful things I would've missed had I stayed in school another three years, and it's no big deal.

Scribbit said...

That's a hard question because you never know the long-reaching effects. I probably would like to have lightened up a bit in high school. I took everything so seriously.

jellyhead said...

I would have worn a string bikini when I was fifteen.

(shallow? ME?!)

Kerri said...

I think Jelly could have a second career as a stand-up comedian, don't you? :)
I'd certainly like to have spent more time with both my parents (especially my mum) and learned more about their earlier years.
I loved "Tuesdays with Morrie"! Mitch Albom is a wonderful writer. I'll add this to my list of books to read.